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Barracuda Load Balancer T740 FDC
Server Load Balancing up to 40Gbps at Disruptive Economics

Barracuda Load Balancer T740 FDC

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Click here for a Barracuda LIVE DEMO!Barracuda Load Balancer FDC Overview:

Modern data centers need fast and efficient load balancing of server traffic in the physical layer, where it can be handled more efficiently before it enters the application virtualization layer. The Barracuda Load Balancer FDC leverages open technologies to avoid high cost, custom hardware to provide industry leading performance cost efficiently.

The Barracuda Advantage

  • High-performance platform designed for data centers
  • Purpose-built for high throughput application delivery networks
  • Simple and Intuitive web-based administration
  • Backed by our live 24x7 customer support experts

Product Spotlight

  • 40 Gbps throughput
  • Fast load balancing for TCP and UDP traffic
  • Part of Application Delivery Networking, which is a next generation data center architecture



Using health and performance checks, the Barracuda Load Balancer FDC distributes traffic for efficient use of server resources. It employs advanced technologies for monitoring server and application health to reattribute traffic, ensuring optimal utilization of resources.



Leveraging modern and open technologies for packet processing, and without custom hardware modules, Barracuda Load Balancer FDC delivers high throughput load balancing at an industry leading price.

High Throughput Load Balancing for Today’s Application Delivery Architectures

The Barracuda Load Balancer FDC provides a fast distribution tier for server load balancing in front of the virtual data center or physical data center. The Barracuda Load Balancer FDC can either distribute traffic directly across clusters of backend application servers, or be used in conjunction the Barracuda SSL VPN Vx or Barracuda Web Filter Vx for complete application delivery functionality. Supporting up to 40Gbps throughput and up to 10 million concurrent connections, the Barracuda Load Balancer FDC is capable of supporting thousands of backend servers for high throughput Layer 4 load balancing — all at disruptive pricing.

Using Intel's world-class DPDK technology, Barracuda Networks has developed the Barracuda Load Balancer FDC, designed to give organizations full control of their network environments. Barracuda Load Balancer FDC is ideal for virtualized data centers. It provides scalability and high availability for websites and cloud services by monitoring the health of servers and evenly distributing server loads – all while maintaining session persistence and providing a seamless user experience if ever one or more servers become overburdened or unresponsive.

The Barracuda FDC allows organizations to decouple the application access control and application security from the front-end device, enabling the front-end device is solely focused on network traffic distribution. This allows the application to have access control and the application security to live closer to the application in the virtual environment.

Application Delivery Networking

Application Delivery Networking is an architectural vision designed to efficiently deliver and secure applications in the modern data center. A next generation firewall provides security and remote access. Then traffic is processed and load balanced efficiently in the physical layer first without the penalty of virtualization. Finally, applications are secured with a Web Application Firewall that co-resides with the application.