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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian
Automate security policy compliance in the cloud

Barracuda Essentials for Email Security

Go Fast, Stay Secure

Future-proof your network with Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian that combines connectivity and security.



Build fast. Stay secure.

Barracuda Security Guardian is a comprehensive software platform for public-cloud security and compliance orchestration. It continually scans your infrastructure to detect misconfigurations, actively enforces security best practices, and remediates violations automatically before they become risks.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian watches over your security and compliance, so your developers can focus on what they do best—building great business applications.

Inbound Filtering

Block Advanced Threats

Automate regulatory and policy compliance.

Your developers move fast to bring new services and applications online. But if deployment is delayed for slow, error-prone manual compliance processes—ensuring conformity with PCI DSS, CIS, NIST, HIPAA, etc.—then you lose out on much of the benefit of agile DevOps.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian installs in minutes and constantly scans your entire cloud infrastructure for policy violations. Using pre-defined or custom profiles, it automates remediation and maintains continuous compliance—so your developer teams can focus on building fast.

Manage configuration drift.

Ensuring that you maintain the correct rights and privileges to cloud services across environments can be challenging when your developers move fast. Should a resource change and deviate into non-compliance, Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian will automatically alert, remediate, and present activity reports for that user, while quarantining the user or application to prevent further changes that affect your security posture.

Protect Outbound Email

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Eliminate latent threats from your cloud storage.

Today, attackers move fast by automating the exploitation of misconfigured resources—to defend your network, you have to be just as fast. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian polices and automatically remediates your management and data planes by instrumenting and configuring native controls. In addition, it is able to instantly configure and deploy Barracuda CloudGen WAFs and CloudGen Firewalls as needed to ensure seamless, comprehensive security across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Go Fast, Stay Secure

Future-proof your network with Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian that combines connectivity and security.