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Barracuda CloudGen WAN T193
The Global Secure SD-WAN Service Built Natively on Azure

Barracuda CloudGen WAN T193

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Barracuda CloudGen WAN T193:

Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides easy to use secure SD-WAN and Firewall-asa-Service. Everything is centrally managed from one portal regardless how many users, locations, or cloud services need to be secured and connected.

To harness the power of Microsoft Azure and the Azure Global network it is easily deployed directly from the Azure Marketplace. With Barracuda CloudGen WAN you can create a pragmatic SASE solution on your terms.

Traditional data centers are going away

More than ten percent of organizations have already shut theirs down, and Gartner has predicted that will rise to 80 percent by 2025.

Integrated Next-Generation Security

Eliminate costly MPLS leased lines

Get fast, effortless access to the Microsoft Global Network backbone for high-performance site-to-site and site-to-cloud connections.

Regaining Control of User Activity

Deploy to all your sites rapidly and easily

Zero-touch deployment for all CloudGen WAN site devices requires no local expertise. Just plug them in and they self-configure.

True Enterprise Readiness

Fully leverage all your cloud and SaaS solutions

CloudGen WAN eliminates latency and bandwidth shortfalls that can degrade performance of apps you rely on, such as Office 365.

Easy to establish and maintain

CloudGen WAN works out-of-the-box with smart default configurations for cloud and SaaS applications. The CloudGen WAN management portal provides the most intuitive way to centrally orchestrate SD-WAN connectivity, security, and networking with minimal overhead.

In a nutshell: With Barracuda CloudGen WAN you can deploy, secure and manage a global high performance WAN without the need for specialized SD-WAN or expert enterprise firewall knowledge.

The solution extends SD-WAN connectivity and next-generation firewall security beyond users and office locations. Dedicated Industrial IoT and rugged form factor devices for shop and factory floors extend the pragmatic SASE concept to cover users, sites and things.

True cloud native

CloudGen WAN was built from the ground up as a cloud service to provide secure SD-WAN globally. Unlike other solutions in the market, it was not built as a pure-play SD-WAN with attached security and then moved to cloud.

Running natively as a SaaS service, CloudGen WAN establishes a fast overlay SD-WAN backbone automatically. For even better WAN experience, the solution provides an SDWAN enabled on ramp to the Microsoft Global Network. Other than traditional MPLS or Network-as-a-Service solutions, Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides dynamic sizing of networking and security throughput to match your actual workload requirements

Connectivity and security

CloudGen WAN is based on the security technology of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall. Barracuda’s enterprise network firewall is the most secure and most scalable SD-WAN solution available.

CloudGen WAN provides SD-WAN technology formerly only available on dedicated network optimization solutions.

Deploy CloudGen WAN either next to an existing firewall solution or as standalone solution that provides battle-tested network connectivity and security, IPS/ IDS, deep SSL inspection, and Advanced Threat Protection – all built right into the core of the solution.

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