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BarracudaWare Yosemite Server Backup
Simple and Scalable Backup Software for all of Your Windows, Linux, VMware and HyperV Servers

BarracudaWare Yosemite Server Backup

Sorry, this product is no longer available. Please contact us for a replacement solution.

Yosemite Server BackupBarracudaWare Yosemite Server Backup Overview:

Yosemite Server Backup is a cross-platform software solution designed to protect the data on all of your Windows, Linux servers. Featuring agents for popular server applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange, Yosemite Server Backup supports "hot backups" of critical applications without requiring separate exports. Disaster recovery options enable you to perform "bare metal restores."

Based on over a decade-long history stemming from the popular TapeWare software product line, Yosemite Server Backup supports backup to both disk and the widest variety of tape loading and cartridge devices on the market. Available in four different levels ranging from single server to unlimited licenses, Yosemite Server Backup is the most economical data protection solution available.

Yosemite Server Backup is a complete and affordable data backup and protection solution, enabling you to backup all of your data and restore it quickly in the event of a disaster. With broad support for multiple server applications, operating systems, and backup devices, Yosemite Server Backup provides a centralized interface to manage your entire backup strategy.

  • Cross-platform support for Windows and Linux
  • Agents for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and more
  • Agents for VMWare, Microsft Hyper-V
  • "Bare Metal Disaster Recovery" from backups
  • Efficient compression and encryption of data
  • High-performance, concurrent data streams for backup and recovery
  • Backs up to disk, tape drives, autoloaders, robotic libraries and CD/DVD
  • Automated scheduling and media rotation interfaces
  • Alerting of backup completion or errors
  • Centralized management across multiple servers, applications, and devices


Based on over a decade-long development history rooting from its origins as Tapeware, Yosemite Server Backup is a mature, reliable, and trusted solution protecting the data of millions of users worldwide. With cross-platform support across your Windows, Linux, and NetWare environments, you can apply consistent data protection policies from a single interface. Agents for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft SharePoint enable you to perform online backups without the need to take your applications offline or make separate exports. “Bare metal restores” are also supported from backup archives.

Data encryption protects your data at-rest, and data compression makes the most of your media. With heterogeneous support for disk-to-disk backup, CD/DVD, tape drives, tape autoloaders, and robotic tape libraries, Yosemite Server Backup offers industry-leading backup performance by supporting concurrent streams for backup and recovery. Moreover, by streaming continuous data feeds at full-speed, Yosemite Server Backup also helps minimize starts and stops of your backup hardware, extending both operating life and reliability.

Easy to Use

Scheduling backups is easy through a simple calendar interface. For removable media systems, Yosemite Server Backup can automate and guide your tape rotation strategy. For automated media libraries, Yosemite Server Backup can automatically control any robotics that load your media. Automated email notifications can keep you informed of your backup completions or any problems encountered during backup operations.


Yosemite Server Backup combines the best of both worlds, offering superior performance and flexibility over backup utilities bundled with operating systems and devices without the complex licensing and administration models of other commercial backup solutions. With just four options ranging from single server to unlimited usage, Yosemite Server Backup is the most affordable data protection solution available.